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July 2023

We are disappointed to let you know there will be NO Coos Bay Teddy Bear Toy Express excursion in October 2023.    Due to extensive tie and track improvements scheduled by contractors , we are unable to schedule an October excursion. 

As always, we will notify you all when we have rail updates.  We're looking forward to resuming our great CBRL excursions next season!

OREGON COAST SCENIC is scheduled for Oct. 8 with EC Bill Andrews.  More details on that later.  Be sure to stay tuned to the PRO website.

The annual PRO MEETING will be Saturday , Oct. 21, 2023 at 8:30 a.m. in Grants Pass at the Andrews' home.  The BOD will be presenting the first prestigious PRO SPIKE AWARD for outstanding support of fellow motorcar enthusiasts!   Send your nominations and reasons for your nomination to Nancy at

Please let Nancy know if you plan to attend the meeting so there are plenty of coffee and goodies!

Enjoy the ride!

Bill & Nancy

Happy Spring to all! We are finally going to get back on the rails! 

Winter seems sssssooooo long!

First piece of business, PRO ECs are working to offer a great choice of excursions: please check often for current excursion postings. Russell, our Webmaster, does a great job of posting immediately when he gets the go-ahead from the ECs.

Coos Bay Railroad June 15-18 is awaiting the final OK from the Port after receiving railroad clearance. We will post it the second the Port gives the go-ahead! Tillamook -- Oregon Coast Scenic, will follow the August CBRL as it did last year. Albany & Eastern is coming along in July. When required paperwork from the railroad is available to the EC, the runs are posted.

PRO has numerous Operator Mentoring opportunities across the Northwest: the first is in May in Emmett, ID under the direction of ECs Robin Douglas and Roger Farrell. CBRL mentoring takes place the morning of set on of all 3 excursions . You can also make arrangements with Glenn Boatman and Carl Shellhorn down in Napa, CA for PRO mentoring. Remember to always contact the EC well in advance if you wish to be mentored.

We continue to have some requests for PRO Newsletters and run information to be mailed to members. We apologize, but that is not an option. The PRO website changes often and we cannot keep up with mailing these to you. If you don't have computer access, find a buddy who does or go to your local library. They will help you with accessing the website.

Also, all PRO memorabilia is for sale at the NARCOA Store, located on Please support PRO sales and your affiliate. Our shirts are sharp, great quality-- you will instantly be snazzified when you wear one!! Don't forget the bumper stickers for your car!

The required turntable safety features have a delayed installation deadline. The NARCOA BOD is working on more detailed installation info to pass on to operators of the various motorcar models. You will be notified of the deadline date.

As always, we cannot state enough the need for safe motorcar operation! Being safe is the ONLY reason we are still on the rails. As NARCOA Operations Chairman, I have tightened the Operator Mentoring process in an attempt to offer consistent, safety-oriented training across NARCOA. Here in the Northwest, you can be proud of PRO mentoring! Our ECs do an excellent, comprehensive job! Soon, a computer-based Power Point introduction to Mentoring will be added as a requirement.

By the way, if you are modifying or altering a motorcar -- or any other vehicle for the rail -- be sure to contact me so we can be assured your motorcar will be acceptable, meeting NARCOA standards.

Enjoy the ride!

Bill & Nancy Andrews

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