Updated: March 30, 2014

Excursion List

Apr 12 - Amador Central Railway - 2nd Annual History Run, CA

Posted: 02-02-2014

Apr 13 - Amador Central Railway, CA

Posted: 02-02-2014

Apr 26,27 - Eastern Washington Gateway Railroad, WA

Posted: 01-24-2014

Apr 29 - Pend Oreille Valley Authority RR (POVA), WA

Posted: 03-12-2014

May 8 - Copper Basin RR, AZ

Posted: 02-24-2014

May 16,17 - Virginia and Truckee RR, NV

Posted: 01-12-2014

May 24,25 - Amador Central Rail Fair, CA

Updated: 03-21-2014

May 24-26 - PCC RR Pleasant Valley & Hooper Junction, St. Maries River RR, WA

Posted: 03-15-2014

May 31, Jun 1 - Palouse River & Coulee City RR, Walla Walla WA, FULL, WAITING LIST

Updated: 03-30-2014

PRO Montana Three Rivers Tour - June 7-14 - FULL, WAITING LIST

Updated: 02-21-2014

Aug 15-17 - Coos Bay Rail Tour, OR, FULL, WAITING LIST

Posted: 03-24-2014

2014 Tentative Planing Calendar

Posted: 01-15-2014

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Pacific Railcar Operators (PRO) is a nonprofit corporation that provides railcar excursion coordinators a safe, legal and professional environment for sponsoring excursions on North American railroads. PRO invites all motorcar operators to explore the rails in the western US and Canada. PRO is a nonprofit, incorporated affiliate of NARCOA, which hosts motorcar excursions using the NARCOA insurance program, releases, and rules.

PRO excursions are primarily in the western regions of North America. Excursions comply with the NARCOA Rule Book, Operations Manual, and PRO's General Order #4 (PDF). PRO membership is required, unless stated otherwise, on most excursions.

Watch this site for timely excursion announcements and news. We hope you'll join our adventures on the rails.

NOTE: If you are a PRO member and want your email address to be displayed on the email directory, so others can contact you, just send me a message at rstivers@pro-online.org stating your Name, City, and State (in case of people with duplicate or similar names) and the email address you want displayed.

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