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08 / 14 / 2014

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PRO Coos Bay Rail Tour

The PRO Coos Bay Rail tour will be Aug 15-17, 2014. The run will begin at Noti, west of Eugene off highway 126, and run to Coos Bay on Friday, August 15. On Saturday, August 16, we will run from Coos Bay to the end of the line at Coquille, and return to Coos Bay after lunch. On Sunday, August 17, we will run back to Noti to complete the excursion. The line has 9 tunnels, and over 120 bridges, and has been extensively refurbished over the past three years. Participants are invited to 'visit' the railroad at http://www.coosbayraillink.com, but all contact must be through EC Bill Bain (see below). Total run mileage will be approximately 250 miles.

Please send the run fee of $395 to EC Bill Bain, P.O. Box 1047, Newport, OR 97365-0079. Make checks payable to PRO. There is a 30-car limit. No reservation will be accepted without payment. Complete run info with maps, set-on site, fueling, lodging and meal info will be mailed/emailed after registration is received; a room block with special hotel rate has been arranged for Coos Bay lodging, details will be furnished. Email address and cell phone number for contact are required. It is requested that car type be identified with registration.

All registrations must use current PRO Agreement, General Release and Car Inspection forms, downloadable from PRO website which may be forwarded in advance or delivered upon arrival. Additional blank forms will be available at set-on. USFS approved spark arrestors are required, and all other provisions of PRO General Order #4 will be adhered to.

This is a NARCOA insured run. It is not a mentoring run. Participants are responsible for their own lodging and meals.

Participants need to remember they will be operating in a sparsely populated rural environment where services are limited, coastal weather is changeable and temperatures widely variable, and travel distances are significant.

For more information contact EC Bill Bain at bill@yaquina.com, 541-961-0600.

Updated 03-24-2014

Sep 13-14

PRO Central Montana Rail Inc. - Judith Bridge Dedication Excursion

Pacific Railroad Operators is pleased to announce a “Judith Bridge Dedication” excursion over the operational segments of Central Montana Rail Inc. September 13-14, 2014. Set on will be at Denton, MT from 3-6 pm on Friday September 12th.

Both Saturday and Sunday motorcars will run from Denton to Arrow Creek and Denton to Ross Fork (across the newly rebuilt Judith Bridge) and return. A bridge dedication event will be held at the rebuilt Judith bridge on Saturday. Total mileage will be 90 round trip miles each day for a total of 180. Participants will travel over three tall steel trestles, one tunnel and through some of Montana’s most spectacular scenery.

NOTE: Work has as yet to be completed on the Ross Fork to Moccasin and Arrow Creek to Geraldine sections. The entire railroad is scheduled to reopen in 2015.

The fee for the no frills 'CMR Judith Bridge Dedication' excursion will be $145.00. Dry camping is available at Denton. All NARCOA rules and guidelines are in effect. Operators must have 2014 NARCOA insurance, valid operator’s cards and either be mentored or make arrangements to be mentored. Spark arrestors are required. Participants are reminded that rattlesnakes are common. Pets are not recommended.

Make checks payable to PRO but mail them to EC Bill Taylor, 917 Parkview Way, Missoula, MT 59803, <wtaylor@bresnan.net>. Information packets with set on info, maps, and lodging specifics will be sent upon payment of the excursion fee. No reservations accepted without payment. Fees are non-refundable after September 1.

See you in Montana again.

Bill Taylor, EC
Tom Norman, EC

Posted 07-11-2014

Oct 4

The Niles Canyon Railway is sponsoring a Rides for the Public on Saturday, October 4, 2014. They need operators who can provide seats. There is no charge to the operator providing rides. Preference would be for A cars and MT14s that have multiple seats available. This run is limited to 10 NARCOA-insured operators. All NARCOA rules apply for this event. If you can help with this event to provide rides, please email Al McCracken at alnethie@alnethie.com

Posted 07-23-2014

Oct 11-12

Pacific Railcar Operators is pleased to announce a two day fall excursion on the former Camas Prairie Railroad. Set on will be at the headquarters of the Great Northwest Railroad in Lewiston Idaho on October 10th from 3-6 PM, and October 11th from 6:30-7:30 AM.

Saturday we will run on the GRNW from Lewiston to Riparia and return for a total of 144 miles. Sunday we will run on the BG&CM from Lewiston to Kamiah and return for another 129 miles.

There is a limit of 30 cars for this excursion and the cost is $215 per car. This is a NARCOA excursion. All NARCOA rules and insurance requirements will be followed along with PRO rules which require a spark arrestor. Make checks out to PRO and mail them to the excursion coordinator for this run: Will Krasselt, 3179 Flomer LN, Moscow, ID 83843. Please include your current mailing address, phone number, and a valid email address with your check. You can contact me at nova1965@yahoo.com or call 208-310-1335. Before the excursion, you will receive an itinerary and information regarding lodging, which will be emailed or sent by regular mail.

Posted 08-14-2014

May 15-16, 2015

Please mark your calendar for the V&T run on May 15/16, 2015. We will do a Friday set on and run. On Saturday we will make two roundtrips from Virginia City to Carson City. I will post more information by the end of the year. So plan ahead and come out and have fun with us.

Steve Paluso

Posted 07-24-2014

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