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2015 PRO Excursion Calendar

May 15-16

Please mark your calendar for the V&T run on May 15/16, 2015. We will do a Friday set on and run. On Saturday we will make two roundtrips from Virginia City to Carson City. I will post more information by the end of the year. So plan ahead and come out and have fun with us.

Steve Paluso

Posted 07-24-2014

2015 Tentative Planning Calendar

o April 11-12 - PRCC, Colfax WA, seton the 10th

o May 9-10 - PRCC, Walla Walla WA, seton the 8th

o June 8-14 -
The 2015 Montana Tour will be held June 8 to Jun 14, 2015. It will encompass three divisions of Montana Rail Link and the newly repaired Central Montana Rail. It will cover about 350 round trip miles through some of Montana's most beautiful scenery on former passenger train mainline.

This is just a preliminary announcement to establish dates for those who need to plan their trip. The run will be posted about March 1, when details are finalized.

If you send an email to EC Bill Taylor wtaylor@bresnan.net seeking notification, I will place your address into a file and copy you with the run announcement when I post it to the NARCOA website. No advance reservations will be accepted. The run has a history of selling out quickly.

Thank you, and I hope to see you in Montana in June.
Bill Taylor

o June 20th - PRCC, LaCrosse WA, possibly give public rides at the LaCrosse Farmer's Festival

o June 26-28 - Coos Bay Rail, PRO will host two runs on the Coos Bay Rail Link this coming year. The first will be June 25 (set-on), 26-28 actual run, to Coos Bay from Noti area on 26, Coos Bay to Coquille and return on 27, return from Coos Bay to Noti area on June 28.

o July 10-12 - W&I, Potlatch ID - if we can run the entire railroad, seton the 9th. If not, depot days public rides for one or two days

o August 15,16 - POVA and STMA, Newport WA and St. Maries ID - August 15 POVA with seton the 14th, STMA seton and run on the 16th.

o Sept 11-13 - The second Coos Bay Rail run will be Sept 10 (set-on), and actual run Sept 11-13, same routing. These are posted on the planning calendar for planning only, no reservations can be accepted until officially posted on NARCOA and PRO sites per NARCOA rules (to assure all an even chance at registration. Last year’s successful run sold out in less than 48 hours…. Bill Bain is the EC, and Bill Andrews will be the co-EC.

o September 19-20 - EWGRR, Wilbur WA, with seton the 18th, in cooperation with MOW

o October 10-11 - GRNW and BG&CM, Lewiston ID, with seton the 9th

Posted 01-17-2015

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